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Solterra Desert Spa is situated in beautiful wine county in the South Okanagan in British Columbia. Solterra Desert Spa a privately owned and operated full day spa that is located at Spirit Ridge Resort in Osoyoos; was open in 2007 and offers year round refuge as a unique spa getaway in Canada's only desert.


We offer treatments to soothe your mind, body and spirit while you are in the area perusing the amenities Osoyoos has to offer. Society today gives us so much to think about and to do at any given time. The friendly staff at Solterra Desert Spa help you unwind by offering an environment in which you can forget you own a cell phone. Our treatments are designed from the basics- the treatments we know people love; massage, facials, and pedicures.

The staff at Solterra Desert Spa are a team of excellent therapists who are experienced and have a passion for the industry. They know how to take care of you and guide you on a relaxation experience of your choice.

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