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Everyone knows that receiving a pedicure feels great. With so much stress being put on one's legs and feet in a day. Pedicures relieve unwanted stress and tension on the body.

Solterra Sacred Signature Pedicure
Feet will be soaked, nail shaped, cuticles groomed, calluses smoothed A four directions scrub is then used to exfoliate.  Drift into bliss with a massage of the lower leg and foot  Finished with an OPI colour        60 min          $90

  add gel polish                                                    $25

Desert Pedicure
Feet will be soaked, nails shaped, cuticles groomed. Your choice of finish buffed or a trendy OPI polish.
                                                             45 min     $80                                          

French Polish            Add $20                   

Pedicures only available with packages at this time.   We apologize for the inconvenience

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