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Our  variety of body treatments address any and all concerns that you might have about your body, mind, and spirit. Massage techniques and  skin focused treatments will renew, firm, and rejuvenate the skin, while promoting relaxation.

Desert Retreat

Soften and refine the skin with a dead sea salt scrub. Then a rich natural sun dried rose clay is applied for the ultimate hydration. The rose and geranium lotion will encourage cell renewal and over all relaxation.


75 min - $185


Four direction exfoliating body scrub. Detox with a full body wrap and an Invigorating scalp massage. Rejuvenating shower then a soothing sage and cedar oil effleurage. 

Not recommended for individuals with high or low blood pressure, iodine allergies or expectant mothers.


Our signature treatment starts with a full body exfoliation then proceeded by your choice of deep tissue or relaxing massage. Our exclusive blend of native oils will leave your skin feeling silky and hydrated. 

75 min (relaxation massage) - $160

75 min (deep tissue massage) - $175

75 min - $185

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